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Our Aim

  • We are a group of Medical Students share our Knowledge with Our friend by answering them  different type of Questions.

  • Arahedni is the exact pronunciation of the Arabic word (أرشدني ) which means Guide Me.

  • by answering our We invite all the members on MSSA to help us friends Questions and queries.

  • To establish an effective program that addresses not only medical students in their personal or professional problems but also to approach the society and its needs.

  • Help our medical students to be effective members in the society and empower them with the needed knowledge and skills which will add up to their own personal experiences. 


عالم أرشدني الطبي

نحن في عالم أرشدني سخرنا جزاء من وقتنا في الإجابة على جميع أسئلتكم المتعلقة بالتخصصات الطبية رغبة منا في جعل العالم الطبي عالم سهل ومميز قد الإمكان.


فقط أنت أسأل ونحن نعدك بالإجابة

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*Applied Medical Sciences
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